Hisada Co.,Ltd. a company that specializes in “Roll Forming” for door perimeter parts.

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Technology that seeks to provide comfort

Cars are composed of up to 20,000 high-precision parts, constantly making use of leading-edge technology. We mainly produce door perimeter parts using a unique and special technique called “Plastic Working”. We also manufacture seat-related and ATM parts with our unique production techniques.

Door Perimeter

Hisada Group-led products include center sashes that make us of roll forming techniques.

  • Center Sashes
    Center Sashes
    High quality is demanded because this product is designed to form part of a car window frame.
  • Lower Frame / Division Bar
    Lower Frame / Division Bar
    This part supports the raising / lowering of a window.
  • Slide Rail
    Slide Rail
    This is a rail for slide doors such as those used for mini-vans.

SEATSeat Related Components

Our products not only ensure a comfortable driving position but also guarantee safety.

  • Seat Rail
    Seat Rail
    This part supports seat forward/back sliding mechanisms.
  • Link Vertical
    Link Vertical
    This part is for a seat bearing surface adjustment mechanism.
  • Headrest
    This is a crucial part that protects the head of the passenger.

ATM Related

Our separator and core plates prioritize and express drivers’ wishes.

  • Core Plate
    Core Plate
    This is an automated transmission part.
  • Separator Plate
    Separator Plate
    This an automated transmission part.


  • Sunroof
    This is a part that slides and holds the skylight.
  • Roof Channel
    Roof Channel
    This is a part to be attached to the roof part of the vehicle.
  • Crash Box
    Crash Box
    It is a part that absorbs impact at the time of collision.