Hisada Co.,Ltd. a company that specializes in “Roll Forming” for door perimeter parts.

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Quality Policy

  1. “Quality is the Lifeline of the Company”,which providing product with quality the customers can reply on.
  2. Continuously implementation of quality management system by providing product with quality the customers can rely on.

Quality Policy

The company is in the right path with goals & strategies that bode well for a promising future.

Quality Target

More concrete point to be achieved

The principal of quality management

  1. Customer Focus We strive to meet customer expectations.
  2. Leadership Moving towards the goal of sustainable and right direction to a better environmental.
  3. Participation by all employees Employees are a composing element of the organization.
  4. Process Management Manage activities and necessary management resources.
  5. Process Standardization Manage each process system to be under control.
  6. Steady Improvement To improve the entire company`s performance tremendously.
  7. Decision based on information analysis Decision making is based on data and information analysis.
  8. Relationship with partner companies Cooperate with partner companies to enhance value creation ability.

Environment Policy

  1. Our company adheres to the laws and regulations related to the environment aspects and running the activities which agreed requirements in the business mainly for the manufacture of automobile door frames and seat rails
  2. In order to practice environmental conservation activities by all people working at our company, we set our own environmental objectives and targets themselves, review them on a regular basis and make efforts to continuously improve the environmental management system.
  3. All staff working at our company grasp the environmental aspects during business activities to prevent environmental pollution, promote energy conservation, resource saving, and waste reduction.
  4. We will cultivate human resources capable of raising awareness of environmental preservation for all staff working at our company and actively taking environmental actions including the community.
  5. Contribute to local society through activities to protect surrounding rivers and rural areas, and to cherish water and nature.
Save energy

Save energy

  • Turn off unused light immediately. When production is finished, stops the power of facility immediately.
  • Report it immediately when noticed the leaks such as air and oil spill.
  • Needs immediately informed and treated when clogging of the filter.

Reduce waste

  • Actively perform 2S activities voluntary.
  •  Separate garbage surely. (Do not linger on)
  • Guidelines on safe and legal disposal of oil.

Maintenance of priority equipment

  • Be make sure and do routine inspection regularly.
  • Contact us as soon as you notice abnormalities. (strange odor, abnormal sound, color etc)
  • Understand and familiar emergency equipment guidance.

ISO(International Organization for Standardization) established ISO 14001, an international standard on the environment in order to deal with the above environmental problems. The ISO14001 standard sets out the necessary items for the system for promoting environmental management and demands continuous improvement. In order to preserve a beautiful blessed environment, we have established the “Hisada Environment Policy”, as an integral part of the construction of an environment management system conforming to this international standard, and we are proactively working on environmental conservation.